5 Tips to Hit That Foul Shot When the Basketball Game's about the Line

Foul shooting continues to discover many basketball games, yet teaching the best way to shoot foul shots has remained mostly the same for decades.

Back in high school I averaged 22 points per game but dreaded going to the free throw line. It was not until I was long done with playing basketball that I found the answers to why this was the situation.

In summary, when I shot from the field, I used instinct. Nevertheless, as soon as I went to the foul line, I thought about technique. You see, my ability as a player was much better than my technique.NBA live mobile hack And what did I do on the foul line? I thought about "appropriate" technology. In my case, the good offensive shot technique didn't match my instinctual shooting fashion... consequently, I got tied right into a pretzel in the line and missed many key foul shots.

My excellent story is the fact that I stumbled onto my "instinctual foul shot fashion" the very day after my last NCAA college game. How? And what occurred? I relaxed, and my instinctual foul shot showed itself for the very first time. From that point, I had been deadly from the line.

Here's how to get in touch with your instinctual foul shot before the finish of your career:

Suggestion #1: Watch game tapes and look to see what quirks you've got in your jump shot. This is an instant recommendation to the manner in which you may need to correct your foul shot.

Suggestion #2: Discover one movement that places you in your comfort zone. Mine was leaning back and to the left. This put me off balance but freed my right shooting hand to do what it's used to doing... shoot while off balance (I leaned left after I shot in the field). After I eventually shot this way on the line, it felt like butter.

Suggestion# 3: Should you are feeling off balance in the line, get your eyes checked by a behavioral optometrist. I 'd Convergence Insufficiency (CI) which greatly influenced my foul shooting. I had no thought that CI was wreaking havoc on my capability to shoot foul shots. My leaning to the left was my natural preparation for this issue.

Suggestion# 4: When in front of a sizable crowd, imagine yourself in your most comfy practice place. I once thought of being in my backyard and successfully hit two foul shots to win a game (sadly I forgot to make use of this visualization again).

Suggestion# 5: Practice instinctual foul shooting, not correct foul shot technique. In the event you are already a good player, you understand the way to shoot. You'll appreciate it when you find it so please LOCATE IT! When you discover your enabling movement, think of just that... and allow the shot happen alone.

Educating to shoot a free throws the instinctual way is key to releasing many players from "choking" in the line. Most coaches and shot doctors instruct technique when the actual solution lies in the subconscious or instinctual level of the particular player. Free that instinct and the player will thank you and remember you for life.